I’m a professional Coach who helps women like you find their purpose and head towards their newly clarified professional goals.

I have been helping women and in particular mothers – both inside and outside of the professional work world – since before I can remember.

It was after a personal career pivot and having the opportunity to create the work and life that I only dreamed of, that I realized the need for a service that addressed the hundreds of women who had devoted their adult lives to their families, were ready to get back in the game, and who wanted flexibility when considering their short and even long term career direction.

Today, we foster women who want to understand their value proposition – no matter their background – and in addition to mainstream employment opportunities, offer a platform to test original ideas or well-laid tracks for entrepreneurship.

I spent the first part of my career working in non-profit management – specifically on issues around food security. I served as an “intrapreneur” for over 12 years with City Harvest – the first and largest food rescue organization in the country based in New York City.

I hold a BA in Anthropology from the University of Vermont, coaching certification from NYU, and am ICF Certified. 

I volunteer my time as a prep chef at my local soup kitchen in Park Slope, Brooklyn where I live with my husband and two children.




I had the first-hand experience of happily stepping off of my career track to dive into a full-time mother role only to find my confidence and value proposition fully deflated by the time I was ready to rejoin the professional world. At the time I felt lucky to have come out on the other side – back to near my former position.

I founded The Summit after an unexpected health hiccup forced me to step off my career track in non-profit management for a second time and was afforded the opportunity to look under my “hood” and see all the opportunities I hadn’t been able to realize while working in a traditional office environment.

While helping me course correct, my mother coined the name The Summit understanding the double meaning. First, the top, the place where we all find and take hold of our unique potential. And second, a nod to the historic women’s club movement that over decades has offered women a platform for creating change and finding support.

My life’s passion is to seek out that woman who has been out of the mainstream workforce for one to multiple years (and whose children are becoming increasingly independent) and offer her a runway back to finding her unique purpose and related professional direction.

Sheilah’s joy and optimism set the tone for a very relaxed, inclusive and welcoming environment.

I was hesitant to attend thinking it might be “preachy” and “woo woo,” but I was pleasantly surprised. It was really just a group of wonderful, talented women getting together to learn from and to be inspired by one another. It worked for me.

I haven’t felt this confident or empowered in years.

So…Thank you!

Suzy Aubry

Education Director, Rowayton Arts Center