It was the kind of call I’ve been waiting for ever since founding The Summit.

The husband of a woman who I had met at a Summit event two weeks prior, was calling to inquire about The Summit Retreat – she had mentioned that she wanted to do with two of her girlfriends. This would be her Christmas present.

Long story short, a 10-minute conversation and you could tell this man – the first husband ever to reach out – got it – got it all. And with that, unknowingly, provided not just one but three gifts through the receiver.

An air of deep love and respect for his wife peppered his inquiring approach.

He expressed interest in me and my background, the work of The Summit and (you could sense, sounding like a planner) if his wife would have support on the other side of her retreat to meet her goals.

He also said something very loving and telling about all the women in his circle of friends to the effect of …”thanks so much for working with this formidable set of women out here.”

So here it is:
Gift#1 – The voice of a loving spouse and partner with only his wife’s best interests in mind.
Gift #2 – A Summit Retreat ticket purchased(!).
Gift #3 – A thoughtful and validating set of comments from a community member looking out and seeing the need The Summit is filling.

I hope this husband recognizes himself in this dispatch.

I also know there are many more of him out there (I’m married to one), and looking forward to talking with many more in the future.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season, including the unexpected gifts, and all the promise of a fulfilling new year.

My best,


Sheilah Crowley
Founder & CEO, The Summit


If you would like my help finding your gifts, let me know!