I am my own CEO and you are, too.


Leadership is the ability to ask for help.

I use CEO in the broadest sense – a metaphor for being in charge of your destiny and the potential to be the leader of what excites you.

There is not one CEO out there who does not rely on a group of talented, capable people to help get to the finish line. So if we believe in the strength of our role as CEO then why are we any different than Mother Theresa, Adele, or J. K. Rowling?

No matter which CEO you admire, they all rely on others to help set their course of success.

In The Summit I’ve seen renewed purpose unfold in record time: the burnt out graphic designer turned information architect, the full-time mother turned aspiring real estate stager, the technical writer longing for front-line emergency management duties, the interior designer becoming a philanthropist. And in my case, the non-profit executive turned women’s advocate.

Imagine waking up every day, full of anticipation, headed toward your intended purpose?

If you’re not feeling that excitement right now, this is the time to be your own CEO and take on the challenge of finding your true north. All it takes is shifting your lens on yourself as the ultimate leader, recognizing the strength of a team of confidants to help achieve your goals and pushing “go.”

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To the CEO in all of us,


Pictured above: Sam O’Brien and Courtney McGinnis of Clover Design chose a Summit Business Intensive to significantly grow their revenue this year. They bring their passion for traveling the world in search of one of a kind pieces to bring back to their vintage furnishings business in Bedford NY.