I have a newfound love for living rooms.

They are the intimate settings for women to discuss the outer bounds of possibility and the stage upon which Summits unfold.

In living rooms, I share my personal journey and describe how it feels to be released from uncertainty about one’s future.

Given the sustained attention that my audience typically bestow on their children, their partners, local schools, and communities ­– in effect, everyone within their circle of influence – it’s not surprising that they haven’t had the space to ask, “What’s possible for me going forward?”

Many of these women could likely run the country but chose to run households. Most could reignite a professional career or launch a business, if only they knew where to start.

During my presentations, I offer a few short, guided exercises designed to mirror a full Summit experience.

Even these sample exercises unleash a flood of excited, discourse around fears, longings, challenges, and possibilities. Soon, a layer of doubt peels back, replaced by a desire for action – in some cases to a full Summit experience.

Reflecting on my own Summit, I will never see my mother’s living room the same way again. In that warm and comforting space, I let down a wall I had unknowingly built up over time – a wall that guarded a sense of quiet isolation, a good dose of fear, and a longing for clear direction.

Over the course of just one afternoon, the strength of my personal and professional advisors shepherded me to a place of true clarity, reminded me of the power of asking for help, and filled me with indescribable confidence.

So the next time you’re in a living room, ask the person next to you, “What’s possible for you these days?”

I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

My best,

Founder & CEO, The Summit


If you want to invite your circle of friends into your living room, we’ll bring the inspiration!